#CCK11 What is the value of memory?

I enjoyed reading Donald’s post relating to Tony Buzan: True or False.

To me, good memory could be good for good things, but bad for remembering the traumas, conflicts, the wars, if nothing is learnt through such moments, leaving the negative aspects of them untouched. So are the mindmaps, which might only provide episodes of the mind (in forms of schema) in a conceptually related map. It’s only when one reflects on the significance of such mindmap that would lead to a deeper understanding of the meaning behind those moments of learning. I reckon mind mapping is a natural emergence, and so it is not an invention by anyone. Memory is now available also in the “clouds”, and so is the mindmap on the internet. So mindmaps cannot be “copyrighted” and regulated any more. It’s the open sharing without boundaries that keeps human connected with such “mindmap” inherent in conversation, where we are all part of it in this connected world of communities and internet. I don’t see the need of memorising all the “facts” in order to live meaningfully.

I would only sigh if people are still thinking mindmaps would make them rich and famous. May be that is their choice. I believe that our altruistic mindset is more valuable in human evolution, rather than the mindset of mindmap as a commodity.

#CCK11 A summary post of participation and engagement in CCK11 MOOC

Here I would like to reflect on the participation and engagement in CCK11 MOOC.

I think we often made assumptions about learning in a networked learning environment. To what extent are those assumptions true in an open complex learning ecology?

Here learning as conceived as a process of becoming a member of a certain community in CCK11(MOOC)  is challenged.  To what extent has participants become members of such community?

My personal participation in CCK has varied throughout the years.  In CCK11, I participated mainly through blogging, and still found it quite refreshing, as I found new insights and ideas from different participants of the course.  There are many great posts by GeorgeStephenZaid, KenThomas, Jaap, LindsayDamien, Leahgrrl and many others.

Here bloggers of CCK11 posted 810 posts to date.   The top creators go to Thomas Baker and   Jaap who have surely created hundreds of posts. I have created or re-posted 80 posts so far :)

On the CCK gRSShopper course discussion thread there are 50 posts.  Stephen tops the list with 22 posts, accounting for 44% of the total threads in the facilitation.  Ken contributed 8 posts, accounting for 16% of the total threads.

On the FB CCK11, there are a total 505 posts with around 400 on discussions (mainly because some others are introductory posts only, and they were not counted).  Who are the top posters there? Amongst them are Jaap, Christine, Ken, Jennie.  There are many others – Wolfgang, Rose,  Scott, Thomas, Vanessa, Carol, and Lindsay who contributed much to the discussion and sharing there.

I shared my views here about my FB participation.

Finally, I didn’t participate much in any discussion platforms like FB CCK11 or the course wiki, not because of my lack of interest in the theory and principles. I think I am in a “retreat” and reflection mode, looking back into the formation of networks and COPs as a way to go. I am more interested in research and the practical activities (like collaborative projects, or cooperative events – like the CCK09 Elluminate Session that Frances, Roy and you organised) etc. As Stephen has mentioned, action and experience is the basis of learning under Connectivism, and it is through action learning that we could actually see how it works.

There has been rich Twitter postings on CCK11 everyday.  Just on today, there were 26 Tweets.  You might have collected the statistics on the number of Tweets from CCK11.

I haven’t checked on other media on the CCK11 distributed discussion and learning, other than blogs, gRSShopper, Facebook and Twitter.  Please include them in the comments or your blog post for sharing.

What could I conclude?  There has been some significant changes in the way participation and interaction happened in CCK11.  For some participants, they have expressed wonderful feelings about their participation in such distributed manner.  Some like the gRSShopper central forum, others like the FB forum discussion, whilst some others would like to post on their blogs and or as Tweets.

It’s about autonomy, idiosyncrasy that is evident in such “self-organised learning” in MOOC.  Everyone learns differently.

What you get could be what you give, and the more you give, the more you may get in return, especially in CCK11, MOOC.

I could sense that some are very satisfied with their learning experience here. That’s great step ahead, in the connective world of networks and the immersion in open education and networks.

Photo: Credit from Zaid post

What have I learnt? That’s to be shared in my coming post.   But in brief, my learning is to prepare myself to continue with my learning and research journey.  Still in progress..

Finally, many thanks to Stephen and George for another wonderful CCK11 course for free, and many others who have been on this learning journey together in the course. See you :)