Connectivism – the Multiple Choice?


Have your ever sat in an examination with multiple choices?


Here is one:

1. What would you like?

A. Formal education

B. Informal learning

C. On the job training

D. Off the job training

E. All of the above.



What is your answer?


Here is another one:

2. What would you choose?

  1. My academic education was not bad, just irrelevant.  I participated, but I wasn’t inspired. My education prepared me to get through school, but not through life. (Holden, 2005, p48) Success Intelligence  
  2. My education is rich. I learn both formally and informally, and I am passionate in learning
  3. I don’t like school, and I don’t know what learning is.  I am just a failure
  4. I want choice, a multiple pathway to learning.  Are there any choices?  Are there any connections I could make to make this happen?
  5. I want fun in learning, I enjoy learning, and I have high emotional intelligence


Have you chosen your answer?


3. For me to respond to connectivism and answer why it is a new theory.


  1. Write a paper
  2. Communicate with my readers in a clear concise manner – start with this draft
  3. Communicate, collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders, participants, and negotiate
  4. Connect with the networks
  5. Explain a complex learning theory – connectivism in a simple way





Sorry, I still haven’t answer the reasons.  Why? 

Because I choose to answer it in steps….