Is knowledge power in network learning?

May I quote this one which echoed my thoughts:

“By high school and college I learned that while I could not be popular, I could be useful.  Being useful by doing all the work earned me a certain level of leadership potential because I became visible to the kids who cared about a certain club.  My new strategey was to trade work for attention.  I still use that strategy more than I should, and I’m guessing there are a lot of men and women who do….

By the time I hit the working world I had tried lots of strategies.  It wasn’t until I studied group process that I realized that groups have patterns, and if you can predict the patterns of the group you can be in the right place at the right time.  That sort of knowledge is power.thoughtful 

I also learned about how ruthless groups can be to members who are innovative (deviant) or perceived as weak.  Different behaviors will be interpreted differently depending on the stage of the group’s development.  That’s what we are here to learn.  No matter what strategies you currently use, this one will only add value and save time.”  What is this one to you?wide eyes

Are you in a group or in a network?  Or are you in both? What stage of group’s or network’s development are you in?  surprise

How do you interpret this? Is this view reflective of what happens in the business world (in a group),and/or in a network?  Or is it dangerous, foolish or simply not worth it, because….it may be going against the organisation’s mission or network’s ideal?  Wow….smile caution!thoughtful alert!!!surprise

What’s your experience?


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