#CCK11 Becoming a Professional Educator

Here is a paper entitled: Becoming a Professional Engineering Educator: A New Role for a New Era by L. Dee Fink, Susan Ambrose and Daniel Wheeler

This paper discusses the professional development of educators in higher education. I have posted this in CCK08, and I think it may be a good time for me to reflect on its significance.

I found the part on humanistic dimension of education especially important in learning.


The engineering profession is calling for new and better kinds of learning by engineering students. Accomplishing this requires new and better kinds of teaching and curricula, which in turn requires engineering faculty to think about teaching and learning in more scholarly ways. We conclude by answering two questions: What do we know about professional development of faculty and what else do we need to learn and do?

Based on the understanding of this paper and the 2 cases cited, here are some suggested questions to consider:

A. What do we know about professional development in our organisation, communities and networks?

B. What else do we need to learn and do as an individual, an organisation, a community of practice or network?

C. How would you promote connectivism in individual, group and network professional development?


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