Can a network of learners play the role of teacher? More reflections – I

I couldn’t sign in to read the article.  I can’t comment because I haven’t read the full paper. I am wondering the reason why people are looking for efficiency in learning. 

An old saying: it takes half to a year to grow a crop, ten years to grow a tree, and many tens of years to grow people.  At this digital age, we have a manic society.  How long will it take to grow and develop a person – to become a digital, net or network citizen?  Do you need a seond life?

Here is a picture in a scene featured in a best-of compilation called Parrot Sketh Not Included:

It is the Silly Olympics.  The stadium is full.  There is a blue sky overhead.  There is a sense of great anticipation as the main event is about to begin.  Assembled at the starting line are the finalists – an elite band of runners who have absolutely no sense of direction.

The runners are clearly agitated.  They are itching to get on with the race.  The starting gun fires, and the runners are off.  Very quickly they all leave the track – sprinting forwards, sprinting backwards, sprinting sideways, sprinting in circles.  They are all running extremely fast.  Maximum haste.  Great effort.  Fantastic speed.  Very athletic.  But there is no track, no direction, no finishing line and, ultimately, no purpose to the running.

How does this relate to the learning in this ‘Fast Society’?  Are we no difffernt to the fast runners?  Are we becoming a generation of “fast laners” in the networks?  Are we testing the limits of fast living, fast business, fast learning, fast instructions?  Fast posting? Fast responses? Fast research?…..Fast teachers?  And fast learners?  So you don’t need years to become expert, don’t you?

Is instruction important?  Do you need a purpose to your learning?