Connectivism – my personal development resources


Under connectivism, apart from the technology that I have used (as an enabler) and the various connections made,  I have made use of other related personal development resources to enhance my learning. 


If you are interested in the leading of a powerful life, Stephen R. Covey could be a good read. 

He mentions about Conscience (modeling), surrounded by Vision (pathfinding), Passion (empowering), and Discipline (aligning)- the four roles of leadership. I found the pathfinding and modeling concept quite similar to Stephen’s learning model.
I have interest in Stephen Covey’s 7th and 8th habits for years.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

I also found the books on emotional intelligence and Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman very good read. To me, those concepts on the human relationship leverage the effects arising from connections in connectivism.


Other further interesting theories include: Self-Determination Theory
It highlights the focus on professional development by creating an environment that facilitates intrinsic motivation.

How do you find the above resources?

1. What sort of resources are you using?

2.  How do you use those resources?  For reflection?  For application?

3. How do they add value to your connections?