Connectivism – What are the undesirable by-products of connections?


I have noted numerous intrusion to my blog and emails (in particular) and computer (over the internet): angry

  1. spywares
  2. pingbacks/spams with adult themes (advert. on porno, sex, dating, car insurance, etc.), and others such as construction jobs advert. …(at least 4 spams)
  3. offer me with a huge sum of money (from a mysterious account) 
  4. virus

Am I still secure?thoughtful

I have even found a mixed blog which has “posted my recent post on blog” on its blog with “an attraction” for advertisement.  It hasn’t got my consent.  Is it an “e-theft”? What are the ways to stop these from happening? surprise

And here in the forum, at times, with no idea about who I am talking with, not knowing their intention or needs, and expectation (a metaphor – the camouflage). Are people really open? What portion of the conversation is genuine?

In second life: Is he/she an avatar (fictitious one) or a real person?  Is the learning experience shared authentic?   

Unfortunately, these are the by-products of connections.  These are not only future dimensions, but immediate threat.  How to deal with these?

I learn from my co-learner that sage on stage would be better to be guide on side.  In this insecure ecology filled with terrorist attacks and computer virus and security threats (I don’t want to be negative, but have to be realistic), who could be my guide?

Am I too critical?

Are these also your concerns?wide eyes

4 thoughts on “Connectivism – What are the undesirable by-products of connections?

  1. this is not unhlike safety in schools and on the streets.
    My ISP does a good job in filtering most spam out of my mail.
    Choosing the right software to avoid spam and fishing is necessary. I do not use Microsoft because it is vulnerable to spam etc. I do not use Blogger because it is less safe than WordPress. I do use software to avoid spam and spyware etc.
    Connecting to people is dangerous, in the streets and on internet. But not connect is not the solution. Watch out and be carefull.
    Lots of people are willing to teach on safety on internet.

  2. Great post! Huge sum of money has not been offered to me:(. I seldom leave my “real” e-mailaddress on the Internet but instead, one that is already overloaded with spam. My small blog is ok so far..Maybe it is because I have much less readers than you? Or is Blogger different than Worldpress? (I have a worldpress blog too where I have had a few comments from companies that want to sell something to me). I like SL and other virtual worlds, where it not for the Avatar thing, I prefer to use my real name and face and also interact with others where I know their real name and face.

  3. Nothing on the web is different from the real world. The best and worst of human beings are equally represented. More powerful? Maybe.
    Carl Gustav Jung was studying the multiple dimensions of personality and how we could give voice to them and grow from the understanding of these dimensions. SL, among other things, is only one way to experience fantasies about who I am, in a harmless form. Fernando Pessoa (poet) was a mix of at least four others, equally brilliant. Why don’t we?

  4. @ Jaap Thanks for your wonderful ideas and great advice. Yes, choice of right software is necessary. The dark side of these connections are that they could hide themselves as Trojans, virus, and steal our Twitter or FB. One could use avatars to avoid this, but then I am not that sure on the authenticity of conversation based on those connections. Would that be the downside of such connections where trust is lost? Education on safety on internet is a key competency.
    @Linn Thanks for your visit and idea about SL and other virtual world. WordPress seems to be providing a good protection. However, I have experienced some security issues with my email and microblog account. I think it’s time to review to use some avatars instead.
    @Daisy, The best and worst of human beings are equally represented. Well said, and I greatly appreciate your comments. Good idea to experience the fantasy, have fun and not too worried about those things in SL.

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