Distribution Centre Training

Here are the details on Distribution Centre Training  with Distribution Centre Training Slides and video.  
I was the presenter of the above showcase of excellence in the Learning Powerhouse Conference held on 4 August 2006. 
 Distribution Centre Training: Delivered When, Where and How Customers Like It

 SHOWCASE 13 | Sui Fai John Mak, Teacher of Logistics, TAFE NSW Sydney Institute

‘Distribution Centre Training: Delivered When, Where and How customers Like It’ is an award winning project of Sydney Institute. This showcase will demonstrate how International Trade and Logistics Training Unit’s (ITLTU’s) continuous improvement planning resulted in it becoming the preferred training provider, creating new and repeat businesses in distribution centre training.

ITLTU established commercial on-the-job distribution centre training and assessment programs in 2001. These programs were evaluated in 2003 with a view to ensuring continued customer focus, the objectives being:

  • to evaluate the educational and administrative infrastructure
  • to evaluate customer satisfaction
  • to improve current teaching and learning methodologies
  • to develop future goals and strategies incorporating the improvements made

There are also other show cases of excellence which may be of interest to you. 

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