Research in Connectivism and Network Learning (CCK08 Course evaluation)

In view of the lack of results on the surveys that was previously conducted via the forum, may I suggest to use this network to initiate a survey tool and conduct such research on network learning and course evaluation of CCK08. This may take some time for our ConnectivismEducationLearning network members to consider. And I would volunteer to be part of the survey design network.

If we decide to go ahead with this research, then we could form small research group(s) to undertake such a research.

We will need to thoroughly design the questionnaires to evaluate the course. We could consolidate the questions from the forum and the ones posted by George Siemens as a start. We could further add questions to the survey to ensure it covers the various aspects of the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course.

Those who are interested could start on the posting of some of the questions on ConnectivismEducationLearning as a reply. Alternatively, you could consider putting them into a pbwiki network that I have recently created Connectivismeducationlearning, so those who would like to add or review the questions could do so. Please note that the wiki network is still under construction as I haven’t designed all the features for this research yet.

Would you please include your name, contact email or blog address in ConnectivismEducationLearning if you wish to pursue with this project?

I hope this project survey and the research results could be owned by this ConnectivismEducationLearning network. We could use a survey monkey to conduct the survey. After then, we could also form a small group to analyse and report on the results. Again this depends on your availability and interests.

This may be a first of its kind in conducting research – using a collaborative network approach in conducting the research on Connectivism and Network Learning. We could start small with such a project, and I am sure it would be a great success if we all provide some input and support into this research. I also think it would be an interesting and exciting project based on our shared ownership of research.

If you have found a similar network using such an approach, would you mind sharing their success stories and experience with us so we could learn?

What do you think about this research project? Do you have any suggestions or advice on this research project?

Please refer to ConnectivismEducationLearning for further details and resources on surveys.

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