A response to Social Networking and Talent Management

I read this post on Social Networking and Talent Management by Dave Wilkins with great interests. Are leaders tall, thin and attractive? How would one define leaders? Whilst there are formal leaders in organisations, there are informal leaders leading in a social direction. How these social leaders are interacting with others are yet to be known.
In most organisations, employees often praise their leaders to achieve “collaboration, and cooperation”. Why? They are employed by these leaders of the company. I don’t see any reasons why employees are going to criticise the employers upfront, unless they are under serious grievance, or they don’t like their boss. But one common understanding is: Most employees leave their companies not because of the “system”, but because of their boss – the leader.

So when it comes to Social Network Analysis, we could see a lot of interactions – and may conclude that there are lots of collaboration. But there are certain assumptions that require further exploration. Are those other “non – top performers” consulted based on social reasons, or for technical support etc?  Why are the formal leaders not being consulted or interacted?  What happens if an employee openly criticises his/her organisation or the leaders?

My observation is: Never comment or criticise your organisation in public. It is both unprofessional and unhelpful. So, does it partially explain the phenomena?

I have once been with a company with the motto of everyone is a leader. If leadership is about empowerment of their employees, then social networking is the complement of leadership where employees could shine. Both leaders and their followers would resonate and shine in the organisation.


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