Open/Networked Teaching and Learning

This is my response to Alec’s Visualizing Open/Networked Teaching.

I like your ideas about everything being open, including the educators. This is a perfect model for adult learners who are passionate in learning. Do you think it’s worthwhile to re-define the role of the “teacher” or “educator”? Are there better name for it? Nancy calls herself an expert learner. I have once liked the title of “mentor” but it seems to be more appropriate for professional development.
I have posted the role of teacher/educator with A-Z 
Would an open learning model (or open network learning) focusing on the learning itself work? Everyone (including the teacher and learner) plays an equal role sharing the teacher-student model, or the peer teaching model. I have once been in a mentoring program working as a mentor. And I think the reciprocity of mentor and mentee and peer mentoring model, when immersed in your model shown would give excellent results (and it has!)
I have still retained the role of the teacher, but I think such rigid role needs to diminish upon time when the learner has grown into an expert learner (or teacher). The connectivismeducationlearning  may be the community network  that fits into your suggested model.
I also learnt that you have facilitated or have been involved in other networks with such model. Like to learn the extent of success from your point of view.
Thanks again for sharing this excellent model.

2 thoughts on “Open/Networked Teaching and Learning

  1. It is very important for teachers to collectively collaborate. I believe that our schools should more closely resemble those of Denmark. See my blog.

  2. I agree. How do the schools in Denmark operate?
    Would you mind sharing your blog address with me?
    Many thanks for your comments.

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