Transformational thinking – additional hats to thinking

This relates to my previous post Parallel thinking – the 6 hats in blog discussion.

I have been thinking of 2 additional hats:

The Colourless (transparent) Hat – This hat is looking at the nature and sensing of our spirit.

Thinking about nature, religious beliefs and spiritual coherence, growth and development- where it relates to supernatural thoughts that may only be revealed by the stimulation of a combination of our senses and emotions- sight, hearing, tastes, smell, breathing, touch that are associated with joy, love, hatred, sadness etc.  This is stimulated by pictures, slides, patterns, movies and videos, sound, fragrance, delicious food and drinks, observing the nature, the ecology of the environment, creatures and animals, the sky, the oceans, the mountains and the plants etc . It is based on tacit knowledge of nature and its existence and is sensed within our “hearts” and “mind”.   People who reflect, meditate, pray or worship often experience such thinking. 

The Purple Hat – This hat is looking at the conscience – individual, digital, network and group identity, laws and ethics.

Thinking about human rights, copyright and copyleft (digital or e- laws and ethics), an altruistic self and the collaborative entity, weak and strong connections (or links), their relationships and their mutual connections and recognition.  This is stimulated by communities’ successes or failures, digital identity success or crisis, and an understanding of the impact of virtual communities, games and reality on our life.

These 2 additional hats, when used in conjunction with the 6 hats would allow for transformational thinking at this digital age, especially in education and learning.  I am not sure what and how Dr. de Bono would think about these.  And I would surely be humble to learn from him if these hats could help in such transformation.

More hats will be forthcoming.

How about your hats?

6 thoughts on “Transformational thinking – additional hats to thinking

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