A Response to Jenny’s Openness and Research

In response to Jenny’s great post on Openness and Research

Hi Jenny,
Great that you have summarised what we (you, Matthias, Roy and I) are up to in the research project. If you think it is appropriate, would you mind posting your post onto our Ning Network at http://connectivismeducationlearning.ning.com as well? 

I agree with your views that research may need to be conducted with a certain degree of “openness”. I think it is not just to ensure the validity of the research, but to ensure that any data collected from respondents are kept in confidence.

Researchers are also required to conduct themselves in a professional manner – (a) by preventing and minimising any risks that may be associated with the research process, in order to protect the confidentiality and interests of the stakeholders (researchers, respondents, and even the instructors), and (b) by behaving in an ethical manner throughout the process.

Like you, I am still pondering on how “open” it should be when it comes to learning and research projects in professional communities or social networks.

As for some professions such as lawyers or doctors, a breach of professional conduct could lead to litigation, especially if it is relating to some complaints or serious misconduct that may be due to the negligence or ignorance of the professionals, or the copyright (or copyleft) issues arising out of the research practice.

Besides, in a global network and community ecology, I think it may be especially difficult to come up with some agreed protocols on learning and research, that relates to the professional standards.

So, I share your interests in raising those questions.

Renewed thanks Jenny for this great post.