How could we evaluate our Community of Practice?

This is my response to Viplav’s Connectivist Metrics.
I like your approach to this Connectivist Metrics. I think this is important for us to consider within our CCK08 Ning Community. As I stated upfront when we established the Community: the Community would be formed based on the individual needs of the members, and would be run for the Community and by the Community. Each of our Members are welcomed to share and contribute there, so as to steer the Community towards some common vision and specific goals.

I also think your Metrics will pave the way in objectively evaluating a Network and Community of Practice.

This may stimulate us to reflect on the network/community dynamics and life-cycle characteristics. I also hope that this could help us in developing strategies in achieving a sustainable Community of Practice or Learning Network.

I just wonder if you would be interested in posting this on our Ning Community Network?

I also think that this may be an important area to research. What do you think?

Many thanks for your stimulating insights in your post.