The Two Monks

Two monks were walking in the early morning. They approached a river which had been swollen by the melting snows into a torrent. The torrent was sweeping right over a small wooden footbridge.
A frightened beautiful young woman stood by the new bank. Sighting the two monks, she pleaded tearfully with them to take her across.
Without saying a word, the first monk took her into his arms and held her high as he waded across the footbridge and set her down on the far bank.
The two monks continued their journey in silence until sunset, when their vows of silence permitted them to speak.
The second monk turned on his brother and asked angrily, “How could you have picked up that woman? You know that our vows prevent us from even thinking about women – let alone touching one. You have disgraced our whole order!”
“My brother”, replied the first monk, “I put that woman down early this morning. It is you who have been carrying her around all day!”
If the two monks were teachers, and the beautiful young woman was the learner, what would this story or metaphor tell you?
Would torrent and bridge mentioned in the story be –
Torrent – learning barriers?
Foot bridge – connections, technology?