Think thrice before one acts – under Connectivism

I fully agree with Mike’s views on “Engage Brain Before Opening Mouth“. This resonates with the motto:”Think thrice before one acts”.

Communicating on line means that one is already exposing his or her identity there. Every single move or behavior might be monitored under the “surveillance” of the different search engines or RSS. One could check using the Google search engines (Google Reader), RSS, Delicious, or the social networking tools – twitters, FB, MySpace, YouTubes etc. One could also be checked by his/her weak connections, strong connections – close friends or relatives. Any comments left on a blog, Ning, wiki, FB, YouTubes could stay there for “life”, and there is no way of “deleting” them permanently. Even the ones that I am writing to you could be traced easily with Google, as long as Google is available.

May I adapt from the lyrics of the song? Santa Claus is coming to town “You better watch out, you better not cry(or lie), you better watch out, I’m telling you why, internet surveillance is out there for you!” So, is the internet surveillance the Santa Claus?  Are you both an educator and a Santa Claus?

Carmen mentions: “adults/educators/facilitators/etc. have a responsibility to fully understand and model social media use themselves in order to mentor well.”, so true.

Are we risking ourselves when posting on-line?

What are the implications of leaving messages in your connections and interactions on-line?


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