Servant Leadership in social networking

See this servant leadership

How far does it work in social networking?

Can we learn through this spirit of Servant Leadership in learning networks?

I am humbled by this:  An eye for an eye makes each of us blind.  Only love would keep human saved in this world.


Life lesson through tinkering

This reminded me of the projects that my engineering students did back in the mid eighties (all teens of age around 17 -19) all working on group projects – designing and making computer numerical control prototype machines, cars, forklifts, tools, software programs etc. These were the “traditional design or engineering projects”, only that now people used that for students at early childhood or school camps. I first saw tinkering mentioned by John Seely Brown, but may be that’s the interpretation of what tinkering is.

I applaud the enthusiasm the presenter had put these into the practice.

These were the projects all engineering students had to undergo. A similar approach by arts students with collective drawings or performance dance/arts or musical performance (collaboration) could also be part of this tinkering, isn’t it? The networking phenomenon is also a creative “collaborative” cultivation of interaction, and sharing of perspectives with tinkering. Would this be the tinkering that we are sharing in an artistic sense in this digital network space?

I am posting this Tinkering by John Seely Brown here  (please refer to my previous post on details on tinkering).