Information and knowledge – and experts

In this Information Rich and Attention Poor  Tony writes “This may not make us ‘experts’ in everything, but the step to being an ‘expert’ for a majority of people is much shorter than in the days when less than 10 per cent of the population went to university. Thus the gaps between experts and the general public is much less than it used to be.”

I resonated with his views. I think we have come to a stage where knowledge management actually goes back to personal management and control – by means of Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and PLN, sensemaking and wayfinding.

Experts and rich information sources are part of the nodes in the networks, and each of us would choose the pathways and information that makes sense to us to learn from those sources.

Relating to information as river instead of lake, I have composed a water metaphor that outlines information, knowledge and learning as a natural process, and that technology mediation is just one of the many ways that could “accelerate” the processing of “clouds” of information from the clouds (such as internet, digital sources, or artifacts) so they could be used for our consumption, remixing, re-purposing, and re-creation of knowledge.

What is knowledge and learning rev 1a


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