CCK09 Metaphors of Learning Networks

Here are some interesting discussion in the forum relating to Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools.

May I start with some metaphors and analogies?

My observation so far is that our “network(s)” do exhibit some of the phenomena of singles and flocks of birds or schools of fish, when it comes to CCK08 and this CCK09 course.  Some would prefer to fly individually in the sky, whilst others would fly with flocks of “birds”, flying freeing through the sky, with multi-directions, and multi-“guidance” at times, and then the way they go afterwards…. Others would like to go for a “swim”, like a school of fish, through the ocean, and explore the deep, deep world down the ocean(s), and across the different oceans, where they encounter big and small school of fishes of all kinds.  Are there any borders in these network exploration?  Where are the limits?  The sky?  The ocean? The clouds (cloud computing, artefacts, social media)?

Would the birds and fishes meet?  May be, if they want to. But it’s all up to the desires and needs of the individuals. There are more and more “clouds or tools” forming, sometimes blurring the flights of the birds, but often they would help in guiding the flight paths as “mediators or navigators”.  The traces (artefacts, URL, tools, media and techniques) left behind could often be used as guidance for others. Would that be the emergent learning?

Are the “birds”, “fishes” self organising?  Will the “clouds” help in the flight journey? Any thoughts?


fish thumbnailCA20H3IT

How about this aquarium as a school, college or university?

aquarium 20081022_172355_aquarium

 Enjoy this Social Ecosystems too.