CCK09 Metaphors of Social EcoSystems (Part II)

That would be interesting.  Cultural and motivatonal – more relating to the social-cultural and affective domains. I have once written in my post that I was like a passenger in a virtual flight, with George and Stephen as pilots.  Now this time, I have to think about the pilots versus passenger to blogs versus forum….Similarly, one could have the car driving, where each of us become the digital driver (some with L plates, others P plates and E(xpert) plates, with George and Stephen E(xpert) and everyone else as back seat drivers (or coach), and lurkers as digital observers wink

I have since made up a blog post on Learning Metaphors in Social EcoSystems attempting to look at the digital habitat and social ecosystems

(a) visitors and residents versus home and bazaar – the “digital fishes at sea versus digital birds in the sky” where they meet, the boundary (sea horizon and sky) and people could use social media to migrate/fly/swim (SL – you could go anywhere). 

(b) PLE/PLN “water as knowledge and learning” and the strategies relating to the 5 basic elements

CCK09 Metaphors for the Social EcoSystems

Below is my first thoughts about the ecosystem that relates to the forum post:  Very sketchy still….

May need to spend a few days working on the “big picture” of Social Ecosystems.  I will try to link the digital habitat with the AI, the global changes – like global “warming” and “warning” in terms of climate changes (both financial, political and temperature change etc), technology (using the clouds, the Great Barrier reef (extinction of corals due to environmental impact), and the basic elements metaphor the “metal”, “non-metal”, “earth”, “water”, “fire”, the “water” as knowledge and learning metaphor, the Network metaphor using birds in the sky and fish in the sea, the micro-metaphor on digestive system, the neuroscience metaphor using chemicals (catalyst), electric sparks (small motors and generators inside our brain) (haven’t worked on it yet) and the chemical reactions metaphor based on chemical bonding.  Other metaphors could include magnetismENTROPY (Thermodynamics), Physics (potential and kinetic energy) – how one form of energy changes to another form, with conservation of energy, FORCE – from gravitational forces to force of attraction & repulsion (magnetism), electrostatic forces, to van der Waals forces (the weak force at molecular level), Learning as Planting of trees, and networks as woods, forests, Materials Science – the structure of matters based on (body centred cubic (bcc), face centred cubic (fcc), structure of metals, non-metals,  closed packed hexagonal (cph) for diamond, polymers (the thermoplastic and thermosets, their structure based on carbon chains – degradation for some plastic subject to ultra-violet light weakening of the bonds), plasticity (elastic and plastic regions) of metals, the hardness and impact testing – (i.e. hardness and toughness of networks) (how it impacts the emotions, leadership qualities, and dynamics and sustainability of networks) and these links to pseudo science (the yin and yang) and the multiple perspectives and interpretation and its links to Biology the Metaphors of eye lens (human natural lens) versus camera and video camera (artificial lens), and mirror (reflection of objects changing the left to right perspectives) and then to the senses metaphor – music – lyrics as language, a piece of music (rhythm and melody as emotions), popularity of songs or music measured by number of “tickets”, hits on the web sites (Youtube, Myspace, FB or twitter mention, and musical channel’s number of broadcasts, number of sales in concerts and the RESONANCE on blogs (see my resonance post on , wikis etc. And the MICRO AND MACRO metaphors could then be interacting, interfacing and articulating on the time, space and digital basis (with a dark hole stretching across the yet known space) ALL INTEGRATED in the SOCIAL ECOSYSTEMS (or even the MACRO SOCIAL ECOSYSTEMS AND MICRO NEURO-ECOSYSTEM INTEGRATED WITH TECHNO-ECOSYSTEM (COMPLEX ADAPTIVE SOCIAL NEURO TECHNO SYSTEM), and internet shrinking all the metaphors into a tiny summary like this!  Networks of the Real world ecml07_leskovec_mlg_Page_004_480From Networks of the real world.


From world techn


iceberg 3703386681_635d17d7ee

research-physicsFrom Research Physics



From flickr 

John [23/10/09]  I need to draw up all these on the CMap or Word document with lots of graphics. 

Postscripts: More metaphors – fishing

An interesting post on The wide open learning world: sea, land and ice views by Curt Bonk (just found at 9:12 pm 23/10/09)

Postscript: I found this learnscape of Jay Cross interesting