CCK09 Microblogs, blogs and forums

How about the following analogies /metaphors for social networking via media of

microblogs (twitter/facebook)/blogs/forums?

 1. taxi/private car/public bus or train

2. private coaching (quick response)/homeschooling with self directed learning /public or private school

3. (pizza delivery/fast food restaurant) /home party (eating at home) /hotel party or restaurant (eating out)

4. (sms/internet chat, MSN/mobile)/home telephone/public telephone


6 thoughts on “CCK09 Microblogs, blogs and forums

  1. Hi, Is interesting thinking this way. Each example can focus on different aspects (number of people,way of participating, contexts,

    note on a bathroom door at a bar/ note on your fridge / graffiti on the street


    Could you help me to complete these:

    ? / mirrow / ?

    ?/backyard /park

  2. Wonderful that your husband makes kaleidoscopes, and that is interesting too!

    e-playground – I just made it up when you want to have a quick play, and must be “e” for easy digital space that people and agents could meet.

    Have you thought about any other? How about posting in twitter and see what others would come out with? Just for fun???

  3. We could try it in twitter for fun, you tweet it!!
    I´m thinking about others, not easy, i´m tired!
    I´ll let you know.

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