CCK09 Sequel to most intelligent quest: Problem Solving

Here is the sequel to the most intelligent quest: problem solving.

Problem 1

Which ONE social media would you use if you want to resolve a relationship problem with your partner ?  Why?

Wisdom: None. I just need to resolve the problem with him/her face to face.

Intelligent: Facebook. I could resolve the problem with him/her using the wall/wall personal communication

Stupid: Blog. I could write down what I feel and share it with him/her privately

Clever: Twitter.  I could resolve the problem with him/her by posting short love messages in private.

Problem 2

Which ONE advertising would you use to promote a message or meme? Why?


I cried. I love it.


It attracted lots of attention. I’m not a troll!


No one understands the child.  Tell me what you think please.

Clever: I haven’t decided on whether it should be this

Some one said that it was excellent.  It was good fighting.

or this:

Babies cuteness sell.

So hard to choose…..

Problem 3

Who would you like to choose in solving a problem? Why?

Wisdom:  My God, parents, partner, children, experts, educators, friends, and those in the social media. They help and support me in learning.

Intelligent: My beloved. They love me.

Stupid: I don’t know. I am not sure who is the one to choose from

Clever: I would choose a clever one who would respond to my blog post. Are you here?

Hope this post hasn’t made you fallen asleep.

From Flickr: The World is a stage

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

Who have you chosen as the winner of this quest for intelligence?

If you have alternative answers, would you please post and let me know?  I am happy to learn….


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