Connective Knowledge & Learning

Connective “knowledge” is not a “thing”, it could be sensed, recognised (as patterns) by individuals, but might be interpreted or perceived differently under different contexts/digital media by each of us. It might be new and tacit knowledge, and so might not be “transferred” as a thing, but could emerge and be understood upon communication, engagement and interaction – which relates to our capacity to navigate and immerge in the networks – learning and thinking with reflection in action with Personal Learning Network (PLN).

How about your interpretation of knowledge?

What is knowledge and learning rev 1a


Power of Community

The power of community is growing, and is based on the interaction of its networkers, where relationship and connections are emerging, with cooperation and collaboration amongst networkers developing, co-creating new communities. Such an ontological phenomena is omnipresent.

Is that the testimony of the wisdom of the crowd, or the collective intelligence?

It’s what the networkers could contribute to the business, the organisation, the community and society that would eventually count. And we are the witness of this era of truly global community based on real and virtual networks.