The map is the treasure

Here are some conversations on fractals – the map.

Here is <a href=”;feature=related” target=”_blank”>part 6 of 6 on fractals</a>. Infinity complexity. On resonance in brain. The mind in resonance with M – set. How much of life is determined, or due to chance? So in communication; interaction in social media & networks, how much is it determined by each of us, or by chance?

It makes sense to me in communication & interaction in media as the multiplication and addition of voices and views takes shape of fractals i.e. f(Z)=ZxZ +C is the result of emergence and amplification, where Z is the “message” or “interaction” being initiated by the actor via conversation or engagement with another actor with ZXZ as emergence & C is the “by products” or tacit knowledge of interaction adding to the topic & so the Z continues to grow. Does it make sense to you? Or is it based purely on intuition?


Sui Fai John Mak said:;xg_source=activity#2749904Comment9891″><div>Would fractals unlock the pattern of networks – human interaction, communication, cooperation & collaboration in social media? Here is part 3 of 6 of <a href=”;feature=related” target=”_blank”>fractals</a>. We seem to exhibit similar patterns of weak &amp; strong links, depending on our “like” and “unlike” minds and interests (strong resonance &amp; weak or no resonance) with changing directions of interests and topics just like fractals. Does communication in social media follow such emergent pattern in nature?<br/><br/>Any research done in this area?

Hi Nicola,

How to create a texture that could manage digital displays? Here are the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>fractals</a>. A video on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Fractals</a>.<br/><br/>Here is the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>dot-com bubble</a> and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>economic bubble.

Nicola Avery said:<blockquote cite=”;xg_source=activity#2749904Comment9889″><div>Yes, economic and technology bubbles – and bubble charts made of real bubbles too.

Bubble connecting 🙂 Its very light-touch connecting isn’t it – when you want to stop your thinking, you don’t have to switch off anything, you just ‘pop’ it. I wondered about social bubbles – children in a shared play area – each creating their own bubbles – bumping into each others bubbles – maybe joining, merging. Another nice thing is that you can’t control them – they will also be affected by everything in the natural environment. I wonder how you could create a texture that could manage digital displays whilst in motion – I guess injection moulding of some kind – using bubbles to make bubbles ? (I don’t know enough about it)

Sui Fai John Mak said: bubbles.


Yes, bubbles could be fascinating for children to “play with”, and for them to understand “surface tension” concept – the skin with liquid.<br/>What else could we think of that relate to bubbles? Dreams? A bubble social media? Bubble economy? Bubble business strategy – with a success rate of 80-20 (or 20% of companies having 80% success rate)….. Bubble connections… Bubble thinking. <br/>John<br/><br/></div>
May be even our Future of Education could be a map of such fractals.  Is it determined or by chance?

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