My 400th post – on changes

Here is learning to change, and changing to learn

This video was posted two years ago.  Have there been changes within the last few years?

What changes do you think are critical?

If you are to evaluate the changes in your institution:

Can you rate them from 1-5?  1 – no change, 2 – little change, 3 – moderate change, 4 – some major changes, 5 – big changes. What are the implications of each change?

1. Systemic changes 1 – 5  Your rating ___________

2. Changes in technology enhanced teaching/learning in/outside class: Learning Management Systems or Virtual Learning Environment: e.g. use of LMS (Moodle, Blackboard), Smartboard, connected classroom, Elluminate, UStream, Adobe Connect, emails, Institution based wiki, blogs etc.   1 – 5  Your rating ___________

3. Changes in teaching/assessment methods: lesson, tutorials, projects, elearning, e-assessments, e-portfolios.  1 – 5 Your rating _________

4. Changes in use of social media/immersive virtual environment/virtual games: e.g. Twiiter, Facebook, Youtube, Second Life. 1 – 5  Your rating ___________

5. Changes in personal learning.  e.g. using PLE (Personal Learning Environment) amongst students: Public Blogs, wikis, Google Doc,  Twiiter, Facebook, Youtube, Second Life, learning communities/networks.  1 – 5  Your rating ___________

You could respond with a video, a blog post, or a slideshow, or just a comment.  I would greatly appreciate that.

from a post

If you have scored 5 to all five questions, congratulations!  Please let me know the details.


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