Invitation to join Connectivism Education Learning on Facebook

I think our Connectivism on Ning is “drawing near to an end”, likely in the coming months (may be in July), as we are very unlikely be able to meet the payment requirement by Ning.

So, we will have to move to other social media like Facebook and Twitter for further sharing and learning.

Here is the new Group Connectivismeducationlearning on Facebook

You are welcomed to join the group, and it is fully opened to anyone who are interested in the sharing of views and experience in education, learning and research.

We haven’t organised any sessions as yet, but will do so once more people have joined the group.

Jenny Mackness, Roy Williams and I are planning a research sharing session that relates to Connectivism and MOOC (CCK08) – The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a MOOC with George Siemens and Stephen Downes. It would be held in early July 2010. We will announce the details on the event soon.

Any one who would like to organise an event are also welcomed, here on Facebook.

You will also find me on Twitter.


Photo credit: Rebirth from Flickr


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