#CritLit2010 Literacy of trust and filtering

Who could I trust?
I strongly resonate with the views of Heli’s post on complex and open, simple and secret: “So I build a system of  ‘people I can trust’ in my mind and choose what and whom  to follow. But if I have never time to read or think I can follow many wrong prophets. One of the problems is that those who now only technology have a strong voice in social media and others can follow them quite blindly.”
This makes me think more “critically” about the message behind posts in social media, rather than accepting the ideas without filtering.  “Young guys take the power with poor understanding of substance things, they have done it some years because it seems normal to other participants.”                Photos: From Flickr May I trust
That’s on one hand worrying, as we have seen young people could easily be absorbed into the abusive power or illusive wisdom in their voices (like the 4Chan, which is an uncensored, mature website filled with racism, sexism, and spams, & I always  stay away from such website), and injecting “evils” into the internet.  On the other hand, I think this adds to our understanding that within the social media, internet, there are always other sides of the perspectives – good & evils, day & night that always evolves as a way of life.
Filtering from Flickr
A metaphor is in a bubble of social media, we have the inside and outside, and the bubble membrane is what separates us from the reality, because we are living in a virtual bubble that keeps on bursting, only to see the next bubble is outside the existing ones.
Social Media Bubble from Flickr
Bubble from Flickr
We need both yin/yang to evolve in a society, and it seems to be a natural phenomena.
A society will always have judges, lawyers, doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, engineers, scientists, and educators etc. Why? They are important people to serve the society, the people.  Each has a role to play, to maintain the status quo of the evolving system, to uphold the values of society, and they are all inter-connected to each other in one way or the other.  Education, learning is just part of the connections in the ecology.
I think this leaves us to reflect on the reality, that without these people, the society would fall into another social bubble that would have membranes that separate us from the outside world, leaving us in isolation, with no or little connection.
So, who should you trust in social media?  How should  you filter?
And my next post would be: How would you influence others?

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