#CritLIt2010 Research in Personal Learning Environments

I am reflecting on this Research in Personal Learning Environments.

I am aware that this course on Critical Literacies is part of the research in personal learning environments.  How about you?

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What I would like to learn is the findings from this research and the similarities and differences between this research and our previous research on CCK08.

Here is the presentation for our second paper which were presented on Tuesday 4 May 2010 at the Networked Learning Conference in Aalborg.

Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools in a MOOC

Jenny Mackness and  Roy Williams have presented two papers at the Networked Learning Conference 2010 in Denmark – The two papers we (Roy Williams, Jenny Mackness and Sui Fai John Mak) wrote following the CCK08 course

Thanks to Matthias for the links:

My questions to the Research in Personal Learning Environments with Critical Literacies Course CritLit2010  are:

1. Would a community of learners be able to fulfill the role of “educators” in a networked learning environment?

2. What are the roles of such community of learners?

3. How would assessment of these community of learners be made?  What are the assessment criteria?

4. What is the role of the instructors/facilitators in the PLE?

5. How would community of learners identify themselves in a networked environment (such as this course of Critical Literacies)? Would they identify themselves as peer learners, peer instructors, or peer mentors-mentees?

6. Is  “negotiation of course curriculum” employed in this course?   By whom? And how? As this course is based on research, how would research into PLE be linked into the conversation and dialogues?

7. What are the particular research methodologies used in this course by the instructors and facilitators?  Are they based on the survey and social network analysis?

8. What are the impact and implications of “critical literacies” on the motivation of participants of Critical Literacies Course?

9. As the course also employs Virtual Learning Environment VLE (Moodle), how would one isolate the impact of VLE from Personal Learning Environment (PLE)?

10.  What are emergent learning from the course so far, from the instructors and participants?

11. What is the pedagogy employed so far in this course?  Participative pedagogy? Self-directed Learning? Heutagogy?  PLE? …..

More questions to come….

How about you?


Postscript: Here is an interesting post on the Networked School

I also find the explanation here very useful in the Emergent Networked School Environment


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