Teams and Quality

I am deeply interested in this article on Teams and Quality

Here are part of the conversation on Facebook:

You have raised many interesting points –
Is the claim ” social to be positive” a plan to manipulate? I undertook a training workshop about corrective services that totally changed my concept about those who are in gaol. Are those in prison smart in manipulation? An astounding yes for some. This leads me to reflect on the basic question: Are human manipulative (or perceived to be manipulative)? Are people manipulative in social networks? Are people manipulative in business? etc.
What percentage of people in networks are, and what percentage are perceived to be manipulative? If we are to be honest with ourselves, and on others, how do we perceive manipulation at work, in our personal life, etc?
I think as a Christian, I believe in the Word (Bible). What can we do? Like what Arielion has said: “overcome evil with good.” Would the intention in whatever we do, whether it is relating to management, control or manipulation be important? Is honesty an absolute or relative concept? Is trust a bi-party concept? If I trust somebody, what would my trust be based upon? Honesty? Power? Or my “belief”?
Photo: Flickr May I trust
It is a different world in business and networks, when it comes to ones integrity and authenticity, IMHO.
“If a workplace is run honestly, people do care and are friendly; however, their emotions have to be free to be real.” I am not sure if this is always true. Are there too many assumptions here? The cause and effect of human relationships, the logic and reasons that people are rational without biasing, with a “manipulative” and “conflict” free workplace, and the definitive outcome that emotions have to be free to be real.
Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

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