The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a Massive Open Online Course

Following the presentation of our paper to the Networked Learning Conference 2010, George Siemens has invited us to discuss this further:

Where: In an Elluminate session with link here

When: On this Friday – July 2nd 2010 at 11:00 am EST (time zone conversion) in Toronto or 16:00 in the UK.

These are the details of the paper and a bit of background:

Title: The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a Massive Open Online Course

The three authors, Jenny Mackness, Sui Fai John Mak and Roy Williams attended and met on the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge open online course in 2008, which came to be known as CCK08. The result of our meeting and learning, was a collaborative research project in which we explored learners’ experiences on the course and the implications of autonomy, diversity, openness and connectedness (the principles of connectivism) for learning and course design. We look forward to sharing this research and discussing emerging issues.

And  here is the link to the prezi we presented at the networked learning conference.

You could also refer to the posts of:

Jenny Mackness here, and

George Siemens here for the invitation.

5 thoughts on “The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a Massive Open Online Course

  1. Big thanks for your presentation in Ellumate, I enjoyed. Hope you can sleep well now, sorry for awakening you at 2 am. All people should live on same time zones..
    Good questions from you, have to think …

  2. Thank you to everyone who have attended the session, especially to George Siemens, Jenny Mackness and Roy Williams. It was so wonderful to have this sharing and learning session.
    We would also like to thank Stephen Downes for his great support.
    George would be posting the recordings of the session on his blog soon.

  3. Hi Heli,
    So grateful to share and learn with you. I enjoyed the session too. Jenny and George have posted many great questions that led to further sharing. There were many interesting conversations on the open room and I hope we all have shared some of our experiences there.
    I think we all have to reflect more on the significance of scale, opportunities and challenges of MOOC and open education. This would surely open up more discussions, and further learning amongst us.
    Yes, I have to sleep now. But I am still feeling quite excited ..
    Just want to have another Elluminate Session to share our learning on Blogs and Forum as Communication and Learning Tools

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