#CritLit2010 On Connectivism

Here is my response to Matthias post after reading Jenny’s excellent post on some notes on Connectivism.

I have been thinking about those concepts on network, patterns, and similarity also in the past years, and these have been casually mentioned in my blog posts. How would we be able to apply complexity to “rule based” education and learning? Would that be similar to putting a round peg (learner centred approach/learner based teaching/learning) into a square hole (rule based teaching – lecture, broadcasting)? I agree on the wider application of Connectivism. How would such informal connections “conform” to the rule based “corporate world”? I could see more opportunities, but equally interesting challenges, if informal connections are to “confront” the formal institutional settings. It is not just evolution, it is revolution, and it is happening, it is ubiquitous, and it is in constant flux. What do you think?

What a superb summary by Jenny! You have now stimulated me to write a paper on Connectivism. I have yet to think about Matthias’s views, though I think I could consider theory under a different “philosophy” that I still have to mull it over.

I suppose every learning theory including Connectivism is philosophical, so “unsubstantiated philosophising” is a natural emergence, when it is especially subject to various interpretations under different contexts.

I will spend the next few months in looking into this, but surely want to get something out of my research…

For me, this is just the beginning of another hard journey – in search of learning theory……



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