Reflection on CCK08 experience – Connections and Learning

I enjoyed reading Heli’s post on To CCK08 with love, as it provides me with a deep insight of Heli’s experience and perception of MOOC (CCK08) as an experienced teacher educator.  I think Heli was one of those who were already experienced in teaching, like Jenny, Roy, Brad, Wendy, Nellie and Lisa etc. before attending the CCK08, and so when we met in CCK08, we often shared some similar views and questions: What’s in this course for me?  What is connectivism? What could connectivism offer or add value to my teaching or learning.  How would connectivism add value or benefit to our students? How could I contribute to the course or others’ learning?

I resonate with Heli’s initial reactions to the information “abundance” and the often hard to “connect” to anyone in the network feeling.  I have cited in my various posts on my blog and at the end of CCK08 with the virtual exciting flight metaphor.
“We were full-time workers, many of us using a foreign language. The expectations about instant collaboration were not realistic. Much happened but in small goups. The information that 86 % dropped tells, however, only a small part of our learning.” Yes, that explained well why we could only afford certain time in sharing in Moodle and or blogs in CCK08, given that many of us (who were teachers) were teaching during the day, and could only attend sessions after work.  Another challenge was the time zone difference, making it very difficult for participants from different parts of the globe to attend the synchronous session such as Elluminate or UStream session.  I remember that on a few occasions, I had to wake up early in the morning in order to attend the 5:00 am or 7:00 am sessions.
Even small groups were only loosely formed in CCK08, which were based on clusters of blogs (with blog posts cross-referencing and commenting) as part of the blogosphere, or postings on Moodle, leading to an understanding of each other’s views, interests, and needs.  The diverse interests and expertise amongst participants in a “global learning course of CCK08 – MOOC” had led to different small and large cohorts of participants sharing some common interests in connectivism, related learning or education practices, and philosophy.  Such connections formed in CCK08 had now gradually developed from weak ties to different sets or kinds of ties – with some ties which were sustainable, or even strengthened, while others which seemed to have weakened or faded away.
These connection and ties development formed in CCK08 could be revealed through the observation in courses CCK09 and CrtiLit2010, where some new connections were made, strengthened or sustained, while others might have moved along different trajectories – along the periphery as legitimate peripheral participant (lurker), or to the centre as active actor and then out to the periphery at different times and spaces or media throughout the course.
Please refer to my previous post for our paper and presentation
May be that is what I could offer to you- my nostalgia with CCK08, 09.
What were your experience and feelings with CCK08 and CCK09?

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