Social media and its impact on organisation

Will social media change the organisation?

I think this is an important question that is rather difficult to answer.

Here is a paper on Weblogging: A study of social computing and its impact on organizations by

Rachael Kwai Fun IP, Christian Wagner

It provides some positives and interesting perspectives of  the weblogging on organisation.

How about your experience and views on social media?  What is the impact of social media on your organisation?

May be I will respond to the above questions again upon my retirement.

5 thoughts on “Social media and its impact on organisation

  1. John, it is interesting the article suggested on “Weblogging” by Rachael Kwai Fun and Christian Wagner. I agree that weblogs as an example of social computing technologies may impact on organizations. I understand that the “change” begins on the mind of people and their culture. Policies design attending social and organization needs may remain underneath the change.

    Innovation on engeneering of the organization can contributes to the change if there is an understanding of the possibilities and risks on the social computing impacts on the organization.

    There is a slideshare connected to the theme that I consider interesting:

    Thank you for the paper suggested. Good to reading your post. Regards.

  2. Regarding the link, I wanted to add that conversations on social media may make changes on organizations and the policies for employees attending the social needs and the needs of the organization can make a pattern of development for it that brings innovation.

  3. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for the link. Yes it is a great resource. Would like to see more research findings in substantiating claims of those benefits of social networking, apart from the theory….
    Conversation does help in looking into changes. How would critical thinking be used in a “group” setting? Would that be a challenge?

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