Why am I interested in Networked Learning – Connectivism?

May I share this experience with you on his post of My Theory – a post about education of our younger generation and our contribution to community?
So, my take of connectivism is based on (a) an exploration of the learning theory for self-development (based on individual and self-directed and organised learning), which is also why I had conducted research with Roy and Jenny after CCK08, (b) an exploration of social networked learning,  (c) an exploration of how it could be used for educating, training people or to aid in self-paced learning to serve business, institution, and networks or COP, and (d) an understanding of its application and implication in serving the society at large (i.e. through more community services such as volunteering or charity work, religious projects and work, open education and networks etc.)
Would the debate of such learning theory be that important?  I don’t know.
I am not interested in any fame or honour, or any “reward” out  of participation of any of these interesting debates. How about you? Would you be taking networked learning for purposes other than the “devil advocates” role that you mentioned?

Photo: I took with a title of Family together