Darcy writes in this Leadership Day 10.
“At our school we talk about, “who can I help, who can help me?” This is due to our belief that a sound approach for leaders is to have the fundamental responsibility to help ‘create more leaders’. We need more educators willing to take on formal and informal leadership roles” So true.
I am not sure if this would add to the leadership challenge: Is leadership about change?  About leading the change to improve and innovate…
Would it not just be the education leader’s “business”, but every educator’s “business” in the quest towards leadership “practice”?  Leadership by role modelling to our students, to our peers, to our superiors, to our clients, and to our fellow networkers?  Without such leadership by action, changes would easily be slowed down, and any plans of actions would be implemented in a superficial manner.
If every educator could take the lead in responding to such changes, would he/she be able to embrace change, and support others in the change journey?
Often we witnessed changes happening in education to satisfy certain requirements – be it the administrators, the customers, our fellow educators, students, and stakeholders, etc., but then the ego of an educator may often goes so deep into “leadership” role that  the leaders might have forgotten (a) the why, how and what, and who are involved in those changes, (b) the real needs of other “leaders” and “followers” in the change journey, and (c) the motivations and values associated people involved
So, would leadership need to consider the people involved in the changes too?  What do they think about leadership? What do they think about the changes?
How about this educational leadership? About focus, practice…
And this one on leadership and change management – How to deal with the change? Navigator, survivor or victim…

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