Reflection on assessment of learning Part 1

I enjoyed reading Heli’s post here on how to assess learning. Another great post that inspires. I love the way you articulate the past posts and those learning reflections. It keeps me thinking: what have I learnt throughout the CCK08, CCK09, CritLit2010 courses? Your questions about expertise are also my areas of interests. I think many of us are experts in our own areas or domains, only that we seldom have the opportunity to share and exchange skills and experience, due to rare opportunities available before the Web 2.0. But how to “assess” and reach experts who would meet “our needs”? That may be a challenge, as technology may just be an enabler in the learning process, which means that the more techie or geeky or nerdy we are, doesn’t mean that we would be more like an “expert” in teaching and learning. I am wondering if becoming an “expert” is helping us or not in this sort of networked learning environment. How would people view experts? Have I understood your reflection deep enough? You are already the expert in the field….

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2 thoughts on “Reflection on assessment of learning Part 1

  1. Refer to this Action Research in Workplace Education
    Evidence of learning: Such items included knowledge and skills expansion; improved confidence and attitude; effective job performance without frustrations; feeling of independence; greater self- awareness; better problem-solving strategies; and enhanced ability to ask better questions. Observable indicators regarding attitude changes encompassed appropriate body language, mannerisms and forthright verbal expressions of success.
    Sounds good.

  2. That was a nice serendipity that you found Action Research -as a fellow edfutures peer was mentioning it some time ago…and we just reconnected past 24hrs…long document I’ve skimmed it only but it looks useful for MOOC self assessment, thanks summary!

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