Accountability in Community of Practice

Interesting post on Knowledgeability by Katie. Crossing the boundaries is important for both educators and students in an educational setting, especially within an educational institution. Under the “concept” of accountability, educators often are expected to exercise risk control measures to ensure a duty of care for their students. It is legitimate to exercise such control in a classroom learning environment. Would this same concept of accountability be applicable in an online learning community? Is it rhetorical when it comes to COP at work especially when there could be conflicting views from different parties?
I love COPs. The challenge with COPs are however, the conformance and accountability associated with group’s expectations from individuals, and the associated reciprocity expected from the peers or practitioners, which may lead to tensions and friction amongst authorities, practitioners and students. So, how would one balance the “accountability” within COP and outside that of COP? What are some of the constraints that might be imposed with the accountability concept? How about the tension between accountability versus autonomy of individual practitioners? If an individual does not feel obliged to such accountability, what mediation and negotiation would be avaiblable or necessary in COPs? Is network an alternative to COP under such scenario?
Thanks for your wonderful insights into the community of practice.

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