Comments, Criticisms, Control and Judgment in online conversation

This is my first visit to Viki’s blog.  Great to learn about your 12 healthy habits.  About criticisms: may I share this with you? It is not about us, it is mostly about how people perceived us.  So, I agree with Vicki’s views, and I don’t take it personally. I also mentioned to my “learners”: there are 3 Cs and 1 J that are both life savers and killers of life: comments, criticisms, control and judgment in this world, that may help us to fight or flight, in response to crisis and dangerous situation.  In the blogging world, I don’t think we could “escape” from the 3 Cs and 1 J, and even more when it comes to virtual or face-to-face presentation.  Beauty is judged from the audience’s perception, as any beauty contest will reveal the same pattern of judgment, how does it sound?
Finally, I like your 12 habits.  I admit that I might be spending more hours in this “healthy” blogging than I used to, and so it gives me excuse to conduct more researches in other areas…
How would you spare your other time: gymnastics, sports, dancing, reading, chatting, fighting?

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