Virtual Academy

This Virtual Academy sounds promising

I am curious to know too. Would children need a “secured” online learning environment? As Mary mentioned in her comments, some prefer home and others prefer brick & mortar classrooms.

There is a dilemma in both: In schools, some students may be intimidated by the peers or authority figures, despite the promotion of the importance of socialization in schools. The story of Melody Fair revealed some of those students who didn’t like the formal education and wanted to be free in their studies in the 60s – 70s. Has this attitude changed? Would more students be taking a more critical stance as more and more competition and tests are in place – judging whether they are competent or not.

There are always bully incidents reported in schools and stories of failures. Would that be just a “fact of life”? Those who fell behind in their academic studies might be casted as “failures” or low in learning calibre (IQ).
The offer of alternative avenues as such with virtual academy might open up new opportunities for those students with special needs to pursue further studies or learning.
However, on the internet, there are mature sites & spammers always flooding the emails & virus/Trojans hidden throughout the sites, that may require Firewall or Nanny surveillance to ensure security. Also, how could one ensure that students are achieving to the standards required? Not everyone is comfortable being “taught” by a software or machine. Though some may also find it uncomfortable to be learning under a controlled environment with teacher over their shoulders.
What would be the optimum way to provide education and learning for this and next generation? Would a blended learning approach work?



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