Why should one blog?

Aiden Yeh posted on Facebook:

Read this interesting blog post and see if you could relate to Leo

Buzz Kill

This is why most of my students (100%) never blogged, as they told me, they don’t know anything about blogging, and wouldn’t be blogging, as this could be a “waste of time”, not a surprise. Who would they be talking to? What would thousands of followers mean in twitter, facebook? Nothing? Many people are imagining that they are talking to real life people, who are listening in various social media. They MAY BE right. But, how many of them realise that this may be just their assumptions (my suggested Assumption Theory in my blog post), the half-baked theory. In this semester, I shared my posts with my students, and they seem interested. Would they become Leo? I don’t know….
Thanks for sharing. Have I listened to your question? I am a bit sensitive to the word w….somewhat scary to identify oneself with, as I sensed it, though the post sounds interesting. I suppose it is about addiction to the web & social media (like blogging) instead.

8 thoughts on “Why should one blog?

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for the response. You could tweak the title a bit, adding my name to it sounds like you are addressing the ‘W’quesion directly at me. Or maybe you were…but it does not sound pragmatically correct at least to me 😉


  2. Oh, btw, I posted it on Twitter duplicated on my FB, and further replicated on my blog. That’s multiplicity in practice.

    You asked, “Who would they be talking to?”

    I think creating a blog is like creating a product. You’ve got to have a niche- a purpose/goal that would address the satisfaction of that niche. It’s not easy, even if you’ve got good objectives laid out. Will people pick it up? It depends I guess on how big or interesting the niche is.


  3. So sorry Aiden, I posted to this open to the public, if you don’t mind me sharing. I found the blog post thought provoking, though I hesitated in the w…. word that was used, that seems a luring to the post.
    I could understand thousands or even tens of thousands bloggers posting with their personal interests, never minding if their posts would even be read by others. I am also aware of millions of bloggers who are advertising their products or services (education, online courses, commercial or industrial products and professional services) via the Twitters, Facebooks. As you said, creating a blog is like creating a product. There needs to be a purpose.

    I reckon a lot of people are talking to themselves too, in the self learning and reflective mode, in order to improve their learning, just like writing up a diary.

    So, do we need to listen to people’s voices? What are their purposes of blogging? Why would they blog? Who are their audiences? That goes beyond simple answers with deeper questioning, wouldn’t it?

    I think what I think, everyone thinks what one thinks, but what do people think? Is that a critical question?

  4. Good question. Why WOULD one blog is a different question from why SHOULD one blog.

    It seems that some think that blogging and the like are essential skills (criticial literacies) of this digital age, hence the drive to ensure that students learn this skill or be left behind and illiterate. This is part of the SHOULD answer.

    One might blog for advertisement of their product, or because it makes one feel good talking with oneself in public, as noted by John above. This is part of the WOULD answer.

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