A short game for you

Here are 4 questions for you to try:

1. Which of the following people do you think will decide relating to trees in a forest?

Your match

(1) Australian  _________(c) Grow more trees

(2) Chinese ___________

(3) Americans _________(e) Preserve the trees

(4) Europeans _________(e) Preserve the trees

(5) Canadians _________(c) Grow more trees

Match the above people with the following options:

(a) Burn the trees

(b) Cut the trees

(c) Grow more trees

(d) Sell the trees

(e) Preserve the trees

2. What questions do you think the following people will ask relating to apples?

(1) Priest

(2) Teacher

(3) Housewife

(4) Businessman

(5) Farmer

(6) Scientist

Question asked:

(a) How much profit can I make with the selling of these apples?   _______(4) Businessman

(b) What sort of recipe is best for apple as ingredient? _______(3) Housewife

(c) Why did Adam eat apple? _______(1) Priest, (2) Teacher

(d) How many apples can I grow? _______(5) Farmer

(e) How did Newton find out the relationship between apple falling and gravity? _______(2) Teacher, (6) Scientist

3. What question will you ask if you were to identify the following people who are unknown to you?

(1) Secret agent

(2) Businessman

(3) Politician

(4) Doctor

(5) Teacher

(6) Housewife


(a) What do you make for a living? ______(2) Businessman

(b) Which party would you suggest to vote for? ______(3) Politician

(c) What is your health condition? ______(4) Doctor

(d) Do you cook? _____(6) Housewife

(e) Are you a spy? _____(1) Secret agent

4. What would you like to become if you were to return to work with your previous organisation(s)?

(a) Manager of your immediate previous boss

(b) Be in the same position as you have held in the organisation

(c) Business owner

(d) Manager Director

(e) Job of your choice _______

Your answer: _______Only you could answer this!

Answers to be posted later.  Have fun.

Answers posted on 3 Oct 11



3 thoughts on “A short game for you

  1. Hi John,

    I look forward very much to the outcome/analysis of this short game.


  2. Hi again John,

    I’m patiently waiting for the ‘results’.

    Any indication on when you’ll publish them?



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