#PLENK2010 Idea is network in MOOC?

Here is the TED talk on Where good ideas come from

Idea is network? Repackaged? So similar to Connectivism? Liquid network – quite similar to my suggested What is Knowledge and Learning?

How about this wikis as water coolers?

Yes, in fact knowledge as network metaphors have been around since ancient times (water/knowledge is only one of them) – in Tao Te Ching, under the Yin and Yang concept (water could float a boat, but could sink it too), in Buddhism, and in Bible as parables – like the sower sows his seeds (how the seeds grow/decay under different ecology – i.e. the growth/decay of faith subject to the influence of environment & people- analogous to how ideas/concepts/ knowledge would be developed/ amplified or diminished in social networks nowadays etc.

You (Arielion)  have also shared plenty of these ideas on faith. Wonderful.

That is also how ideas are shared, spreaded & amplified in social network – as metaphors, memes. I just wonder how all these ideas are linked, re-purposed, re-packaged, re-named or re-created, and re-framed to novel ideas, with many people building upon them – like the Wisdom of the Crowds. Refer also to this Wisdom of the Crowds website.
That is good news.

Here is another great idea shared through metaphors – Teaching and teachers metaphors

How far do these ideas and concepts apply to your teaching and learning?

Do you find any resonance when you are learning in courses like MOOC PLENK2010?  Refer to this Riddle of Online Resonance by Matthias and Jenny on resonance.

What do you find? How do you feel?

Here is the conversation on FB

Postscript: Here is an interesting video on “Where do good ideas come from?”

I am my Connectome may be of interest to you.