#PLENK2010 Movie on Research on design and delivery of MOOC

Here is my first movie on Research on design and delivery of MOOC I enjoyed creating it.

May we start the conversation on this research?

Photo: Flickr?


2 thoughts on “#PLENK2010 Movie on Research on design and delivery of MOOC

  1. Hi John,

    I like the “The Conversation” image from flickr.
    Did you have fun creating the movie?
    I saw a video that Zaid made using that software. The computer generated voice sounded the same in both movies.
    I wondered why the woman did all of the talking? Was it difficult to shift the conversation from one character to another? I wondered where the characters were standing. What kind of a building was that?
    I recognized the story line at the beginning of the video as being a synthesis of the ideas in the connectivism course, but I got lost in the middle, when you said learners need structure, assessment, etc.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your comments. It’s fun. My plan was to have a conversation between the 2, but then I thought people would like to hear a beautiful voice too. With the free version, the background is already chosen for me.
    You could refer to my previous post here and the research reference post on details. I have added structure and assessment here as these were also mentioned by the facilitators – especially Stephen – that there is no particular body of knowledge, and no assessment in PLENK. This is how this course works.

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