A story for reflection – personal knowledge

This is a translation of a Chinese Poet.  I still remember the “words or lyrics” in every single detail.  I could even recite it in all.  I found it pretty impressive about development of youths and the feelings of parents so I would like to share it with you using this post. I know that if I recite it in Chinese, no one could understand it.
In the ceiling of a traditional Chinese house, there once lived two swallows – a male and a female.  They built a nest up there using mud and straw.  Over the nest was where the four baby swallows born.
When the four baby swallows grew up daily, they cried out loud for food.  The parent swallows found it difficult to catch the insects in order to feed the young ones, and the young swallows were always feeling hungry every day.  The parent swallows tried their very best to search and get the food, bruising their claws and beaks, and they weren’t aware of their weariness.  The parents then nurtured their young ones through teaching them how to speak and communicate in their language and they took care of their clothing.
So now that the four swallows have grown their feathers, the parents then led them to the branches of the tree. Once the four swallows held up their wings, they never looked back, and they all flew away through the air in all directions.  The parent swallows were crying in the air, but the cries couldn’t get their young ones back, no matter how hard they tried.
Parent swallows, don’t be sad, you need to reflect and think.  When you were young and still developing, you flew away from your mum, when your mum worried and missed you, now you could know and understand their feelings.
This always reminded me of my dearest parents, especially my mother on the great love on me whilst I was young.  How about you?  What do you think?

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