#PLENK2010 What tools have you used in PLENK2010?

Thanks Chris for the http://grou.ps/globalcollaboration link in the PLENK Forum of Research Survey into the Design and Delivery of MOOC PLENK2010.  Some interesting discussion there too.

Where there is a problem, there will be an opportunity, and possibly a solution smile

We don’t have gRSShopper, but surely it depends on your needs of further connection and interaction after this PLENK.

I use email, FB, Twitter, blog, Google, Google Scholar, Delicious, Wikispaces, this Forum, Youtube, Slideshare, and RSS as the central platform for my PLE/N in PLENK.  There are many other tools/social media that I use as mentioned here https://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/plenk2010-plepln/ and https://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/plenk2010-tools-of-use-in-online-learning-plepln/

Here are the research references http://connectivismeducationlearning.wikispaces.com/Research+References

What do you use? Any other platforms or tools that you have created, used that you would like to invite us to join?

This surely relates to the research into MOOC PLENK2010.

How to keep up with the conversation and interaction? What are the tools suited to your needs? What sort of PLN would be most helpful and valuable to your personal learning?

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7 thoughts on “#PLENK2010 What tools have you used in PLENK2010?

  1. Thanks for the namecheck! I guess the tools that I used are best summarized by my Google Profile http://www.google.com/profiles/cpjobling. Google Reader (gReader) is my dashboard, that’s where I centre my PLE and make most of my broadcasts with my PLN. I’ve got a Google Site http://www.cpjobling.org that might one day be my official “home page” but it’s very much under construction.

    During PLENK, I found that I had to abandon gReader (too much information) and instead relied on The Daily and the forum. To help with the forum, I set the “track unread posts” flag on so I at least knew where there was something new.

  2. Thanks Chris for your sharing.
    Good to see your profile on Google.com. I relied on the The Daily too. I found some posts on forum not feeding through the email system, and so I have to visit the forum daily.
    Well, that’s it for PLENK. Surely we are connected, and I hope to continue our sharing of learning in any platform.
    It’s has been a pleasure to learn with you.

  3. Hi John, I already posted the tools I use to follow PLENK2010, My PLE for the PLENK2010 MOOC

    I usually don’t read The Daily. I read it on the web

    In my experience participants don’t know that by using plenk2010 – Google BlogSearch they can easily find plenk2010 posts. They don’t need to rely on The Daily to find information.

    These are my plenk2010 Bookmarks on Delicious that I have saved so far. With more time I will review them and I expect to write some posts for my blog

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  5. Shalom John,
    as a moderate English speaker I would not have been able to managege all the tasks without http://scribe.googlelabs.com/.
    For me a tool must fit into my personal life schedule – not the opposite. Therefore I’m happy, that I have discovered another service too
    http://blekko.com/ a search engine designed to search the way I think.

    Untill now I’m not a twitter user, but I red the http://paper.li/tag/plenk2010, witch made me ponder about twitter seed.

    Thank you, for all your activities in PLENK .

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