#PLENK2010 The Power of the question why

This video on what makes a leader sounds compelling.

My key take aways from Simon’s talk include:

1. People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it

2. The why question stimulates me to think about my belief.

3. The laws of diffusion of innovation lies with addressing the why, how and what inside out

4. The success stories of truly inspiring leaders is that they inspire so you do what you will do, because you know why you do it.   They inspire people to say and resonate: “I have a dream, not I have a plan” because they are there to serve, not to be served.

So why would you believe these quotes in leadership?

Why is Belief the hallmark of success?

Do you believe in your dreams becoming true?  Why would you believe?

Why do we need educators? Aren’t they the ones who inspire you to fulfill your dreams?  They should be the one who help and support you, like your parents, when you grow up.

Why is why the most important question in this world? Is it the one that would transform you? Why? How? What?

Why we need shared leadership? So how about shared leadership in PLENK Networks and Community?

I believe I can fly

May I share Stephen’s ideas about leaders here? Good food for thoughts.

The person whose voice is most respected in any group is not the person who leads, or is smartest, or is even right. It is the person perceived by the rest to have the least self-interest, the person who is there to help rather than the person who is there to pursue an agenda or toot their own horn.


3 thoughts on “#PLENK2010 The Power of the question why

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  2. Hello John. The question ‘why’ is certainly a very important one, and one that humans seem to adopt at an early age. ‘Why is the sky blue, daddy?’ comes to mind. I think it speaks volumes about the human condition, this need to contemplate and utter the ‘why’ question. It seems we seek a ‘reason’ for our actions, and our concepts.

    As far as the leader goes, I think some leaders are respected for their knowledge, for being right, for taking initiative (i.e. taking the lead). I am not sure that I agree with Stephen’s characterization of the most respected voice in a group; frankly, at first glance, it seems to be a bit of a value-laden statement, somewhat agenda-based in and of itself. Why does he think the way he does, in this matter? (that is a rhetorical question – I don’t expect you to answer for him). I think that ultimately, people act from self-interest.

  3. Thanks Ken for your insight.
    I share your views about leaders. You are right that I couldn’t answer on behalf of Stephen, as that is his view on leaders. Are people acting from self-interest? Yes, people are still human!

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