#PLENK2010 On the Research into the Design and Delivery of MOOC (III)

This is my response to the posting on forum relating to research

Hi Rita and all,

As I have participated in previous MOOC -CCK08, CCK09, and CritLit2010, I was deeply interested in how the MOOC had evolved throughout the years since 2008. I  thought research into this massive open online course teaching and learning and user/participant experience would benefit researchers, course organisers, facilitators and participants in their future course design, delivery and learning.

I noted that many participants have been very concerned about the ethical issues relating to research in PLENK2010, especially at the start of the course here. I also noted that participants were curious about how the research would be carried out in an open learning environment, where personal learning may be subject to the critical lens of research, and so they would like to know how such research data  might be collected.  A research forum has been set up to foster discussion on research.

Here is the link to researches on PLENK2010.

I posted my initial research proposal (and here on my blog) in week 1, with the suggestion to conduct research based on openness principles, through different social media spaces/tools, so as to allow participants to choose to participate in public/private spaces that they prefer. I have also posted some open questions relating to the research here.

I have finally used the typical survey questionnaire for the research.  I think that will assure the privacy and confidentiality of the participants’ responses in the research.

“PLENK2010 participants are invited to fill out a short survey on the Research into the Design and Delivery of MOOC – PLENK2010. This survey is anonymous and voluntary and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Sui Fai John Mak, a participant of PLENK2010 would like to thank you in advance for your time and contribution to the research. The survey can be accessed here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K3JDXD3 for two weeks and will close on November 26th 2010 at 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.” as posted on this Tuesday 16 Nov 2010.

I didn’t attend much forum discussion or engage into discourse here in forum, though I read the postings.  This allowed me to have more time to understand and learn the interactions between the participants in the forum, in blogs and other media, and to focus on research.  Also I would like to experience learning as a blogger and researcher this time, to better understand the impact of such learner/action researcher role on my learning in PLENK.

Thank you very much to those of you who have completed the survey. The responses so far have been highly favorable. For those others who haven’t participated as yet, you are warmly invited to participate in the survey.

The survey can be accessed here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K3JDXD3 for this coming week and will close on November 26th 2010 at 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Here is the Research wiki : Research into the Design and Delivery of MOOC PLENK2010



12 thoughts on “#PLENK2010 On the Research into the Design and Delivery of MOOC (III)

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  2. Good work John,

    As you’ll have noticed i did not contribute much from week 3 onwards. unfortunately had so many other things going on , i was in danger of exploding :-), but have kept a lo0se eye on proceedings and have started recently reading some of the posts. Have taken the survey and will be very interested in your observations. Good survey, you’ve covered a lot of bases – hope you find some meaningful patterns from the vast amount of data coming your way 🙂


  3. Hi Steve,
    Wow, you were in danger of exploding! Do you mean overloaded with work or commitments? Hope you are feeling better now.
    Thanks for your support and contribution to the survey. I greatly appreciate your feedback to the survey.

    There has been a very favorable response from our fellow learners so far 🙂
    I do find very interesting patterns and comments from the survey responses.


  4. May I also add John that I could see the relevance of the questions you asked. I can’t remember which other surveys said what, but one of them had me confused by the ambiguity of the questions and I felt that it had been designed for another audience completely. Good luck with your studies.

  5. Thanks Susan for your valuable feedback and good wishes.
    I hope this research would provide us with insights into MOOC course design, delivery and online learning from participants’ perspectives. I am not doing this research for any formal studies or qualification, so there aren’t any constraints from institution.


  6. I think motivation is the key to sustain interest in the discussions after CCK08. Research is definitely a good reason to remain focused on PLENK10. I wonder how many of us have remained actively involved in the workshop discussions that followed CCK08.

    Keep up the good work, John.

  7. Yes, I share your view too.
    How many of us have remained actively involved in the workshop discussions? I could only see a few.
    Thanks very much for your kind words and comments.

  8. Me too. We all love learning, I suppose, since our birth, and we started to look around, and play, and enjoy our childhood with playful learning. It’s only when… we started our education……. that we felt hesitant to ask questions,………, and then…….we might or we don’t want to learn any further……..at least not always together.
    May be that is the dilemma between individual life learning, collaborative learning, connective learning etc., when everyone’s learning goals and experiences are so much different, though, we might share similar curiosity, similar desire towards sharing (to a certain degree) and learning, but……… do we perceive these differently in MOOC, or social networks?
    Does education make that difference? Or better word for individuals: learning makes the difference?
    Thanks again Nellie for sharing.

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