#PLENK2010 PLENK and Personal Learning

I greatly appreciate Rodd’s insights into this collective learning networks and PLE/N and Dave points out the differences between PLE and PLN.

Is the term Personal Learning Network as slightly ‘oxymoronic’?  Are we being changed by the networks and also trying to change the networks in the process of learning in social networks?  What I mean is learning as a result of changing with oneself and the networks that one is interacting with through technology, tools or social media – the learning in action, and learning to be in an online and face to face learning world.  I do see PLN and collaborative learning network as two sides of the same coin, especially if it is under the lens of Connectivism.

Under Connectivism, learning occurs at the neuro, conceptual and social/external level.  So as learning refers to the navigation and traverse of networks (both personal and social networks), at a cognitive and social level, then it’s the continuous connections, engagements and interaction with those networks by individuals which would enable the growth of knowledge and learning on a personal and network level within us.

How about?