CCK11 Why blogging?

The responses to this question depend on whether one is a first time blogger (novice or beginner), an advanced or veteran, an expert or master blogger?

This may be a SIMPLE AND OLD question, but you may be surprised by how each of “us” would respond!

Here are my posts on blogging:

Myths and reality of blogging

Why should one blog?

Have bloggers polluted the media?

Resonance or dissonance in Blogging under Connectivism

Stephen shares some of his views and experience on blogging here and blogs in education

Jenny’s post about blogging here and here.

Lilia’s blog on her PhD and blogging

A reflection on the benefits of blogging


Blogging as social activity

Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools in a MOOC.  (pp. 275-284).

Blogging Practice

E-Learning Practices and Web 2.0

Exploring the use of blogs as learning spaces in the higher education sector

Web Logs and Online Discussions as Tools to Promote Reflective Practice

Why Blogs

Slides on Blogging:

What’s next?

I have been thinking about an ambitious project: On a meta-research on Blogging – collecting and synthesizing blogs of all kinds – great blog posts from Master to Expert Bloggers and wonderful blog posts from novice to advanced bloggers.  Perhaps leaving the evaluation of such blogs to our bloggers in the blogosphere!

Why Blogging? Your response……….


5 thoughts on “CCK11 Why blogging?

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  3. Hi John,
    I enjoyed reading this blog. I have been way too busy lately. You have been really productive. Both of the slide share presentations provide newbies with an orientation to blogs and blogging. Stephen Downes provided information about why folks might want to get a host and he suggested several in CCK11. Newbies need this kind of information. It is late, but I will return later to read through some of your previous posts on blogging, and I will get back to you.

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