CCK11 & PLENK2010 Future of real time and Learning

I found this Future of Real Time interesting.

Social media is another tool that is being used to monitor the well-being of communities. Online buzz around certain subjects can serve as an indicator of group sentiment, providing insights that are relevant offline and pointing to actions that can be taken to remedy problems as they arise.

Simple solutions are developing that allow people to connect rapidly across mobile networks. Government and aid-organizations are putting this newfound ability to use by creating temporary networked communities to handle situations on both a large and small scale. While others are putting this technology to use to instantly map geography, layer in information from other data streams and create context and narrative where none previously existed.

The proliferation of low-cost sensors has created also network of intelligent infrastructure that can allow for the monitoring of changing conditions and statuses in both natural and urban environments.

Slide here:

This report provides a lot of recent advancement in the use of technology in real time and an useful summary on social media.

Good food for thoughts.

2 thoughts on “CCK11 & PLENK2010 Future of real time and Learning

  1. Hi John,
    Read this quickly! Fascinating!
    Had a couple of questions through… What is the relationship between the UNGP and the business community? While scanning the document, it looked like data would be gathered, sold, and used for a variety of purposes…
    When I read that sensors might be used to track the movement of vulnerable populations, I was reminded of a scenario that Diane Oblinger shared with the audience at Educause a couple of years ago…. There is technology that would enable us to place chips in children at birth and data could be placed on them –where they live, medical information, their schooling records–and that data could be accessed for research purposes… for example…
    What do you think, really think, about the future of real time monitoring of social networking communities?
    Have you been following the news in Cairo? No Internet… 10 human connectors… Who would have expected that?!

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